I'm really impressed by the enhanced options of CurveExpert Professional, streamlined to give the professional the most quick answer to detect dependencies within its data, express them via formulas, and even calculate with them immediately. Definitively there isn't anything better on the market!

--Ralf Fritzsch, Federal Waterways Research Institute, Hamburg, Germany

CurveExpert Basic was indispensable in my long and arduous search for an equation to fit highly curved, serpentine data. With a certain amount of trial and error I ultimately found a solution – a combination of sine terms, arctangent terms, and a fourth-order polynomial – but I needed 19 parameters to make it fit. CurveExpert was the only curve fit program which I found that would work. Not only did CurveExpert allow enough parameters but it fit the curve to the data exceedingly well – in fact I would call it a perfect fit.

I find that Curve Expert Professional is more versatile and much easier to use than CurveExpert Basic, for example, when entering the initial guesses for the parameters. The graphics of CurveExpert Professional are far superior, as well.

--M. Nealon

As an Embedded Software Engineer who is involved with the control of medical devices, the ability to quickly determine the underlying relationship of easily-gathered empirical data is quite an advantage. CurveExpert has proven to be an invaluable tool when used in this respect and has saved countless hours of unnecessary effort. The information gained through CurveExpert is easily applied to process analysis, simulation and control purposes. CurveExpert's publication grade data plots make presentation and development documentation quite simple. The software is a real joy to use and the affordable price means this software has been created to be utilized by a wide range of end users from student to professional.

--S. Nickerson, Sr. Software Design Engineer

CurveExpert has been a wonderful go-to application when I need to fit data very quickly.  In some cases, I’ve developed and implemented a simple model in five minutes, and I could never do that with most other software.  Just copy and paste in the data points, hit “CurveFinder,” watch it crank through the models automatically, then grab the best one and go.  The models all provide the formulas and coefficients needed to use them in something simple, such as a spreadsheet.  I find especially useful the Sigmoidal family of models for a lot of my call center data.  I highly recommend this software to anyone wanting to quickly understand the relationship between two variables.


I use CurveExpert Professional infrequently but it is nice having that extra tool in your bag when you need it; especially when CurveExpert works easily, accurately and as automatically or manually as you choose. My application is sensors attached to complex SCADA systems where precision calibration of measurement data is required. A vendor will provide calibration data and a curve fit which rarely match. I use CurveExpert to resolve the disconnects. I do not use the majority of CurveExpert's capability but for the past 15 years CurveExpert has completely solved my sensor calibration problems. And the customer service CurveExpert provides is second to none.

-- Michael C Maguire, Senior RF Systems Engineer, Consultant (formerly of SpaceX)

We use CurveExpert [Basic] extensively in our research on probability distributions of forest fires. As an exploratory and analytical tool it is unparalleled in its flexibility, ease of use, and accuracy.

--Don Falk, Associate Professor, University of Arizona

I have used CurveExpert [Basic] to fit some Temperature vs Time dehydration food data to give me a grounding for the basic fitting function to be used. One can then modify the basic fitting function accordingly to give meaning to the fit parameters calculated by curve expert.  I especially find useful the automatic fit function.

--Rabindranath Ramsaroop, Trinidad. West Indies.

I have used CurveExpert Basic for years and it is one of the most indispensible applications in my arsenal. CurveFinder is one of the most useful features in CurveExpert Basic and I will likely lean on it heavily in CurveExpert Professional. Does most of the hard work for you in coming up with the "best" curve fit.

I have just started to explore CurveExpert Professional and as I expected I am definitely going to upgrade. The new graph interface is very nice. A lot to work with there to get really high quality plots. The ability to use a subset of TeX is awesome. I use MathType from Design Science in Office documents so having TeX in CurveExpert Professional plots is a real plus for documentation.

The help file appears quite well done and not just an afterthought. The ability to directly download a PDF version from the help file is nice.

--Larry Zipper

In project design engineering, and other engineering activities as well, the evaluation of the physical phenomenon is greatly improved supported in the program, which allows the visualization of the behavior of the variables involved.

The program is amazingly smart and well architected. Involves the mathematical components that participate in functions and its physical setting.

I appreciate your dedication, intelligence and accuracy in the preparation of this valuable tool.

Mainly for the unpretentious simplicity as you released your creation to the scientific and engineering field.

--Iwan Sabatella, Correcta Engineering, Curitiba - Brasil