Full-featured graphing capability

CurveExpert has great graphing flexibility so that you can obtain immediate feedback for a particular model's performance.  These graphs are very customizable so that you can give them the look that feels most comfortable.  The plot window shown below shows a Weibull model fit (a member of the sigmoidal family of curves) of some agricultural data:

A graph in CurveExpert Basic showing a curve fit (nonlinear regression).

A graph in CurveExpert Basic showing a curve fit (nonlinear regression).

CurveExpert also has the ability to manipulate the plots on the fly: zoom in and zoom out, without your hands ever leaving the mouse.  Panning and autoscaling are also just one keypress away.  You can have as many graphing windows open as you have curve fits, so that different data fits can be easily compared.

Of course, the graph is only half the story.  The model equation, coefficients, the covariance matrix, residuals, comments, and error information are obtained simply by clicking the right mouse button to display a context-sensitive menu, and selecting "Information."

The graphing menu also allows you to analyze the model, generate a table, print the plot, copy the plot, and adjust the plot properties.  CurveExpert allows extensive customization of plots, partially demonstrated by the following graphs: