CurveExpert Pro 2.6.0 released

Breaking News, News January 7th, 2017 No Comments

Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!

CurveExpert Professional has been updated today, which is a free upgrade for all existing customers.  Adds the following features and fixes a couple of outstanding problems.

  • NEW: Five new Yield-Density models added (thanks Charles Tomkins for the model list), and previous Yield Density models have been moved to the Yield-Spacing family.
  • NEW: changed the strategy for the "Top Results" plot.  It now always displays only the top results (the number of which is configurable in the application preferences).  Previously, the plot would always add the top results from any new calculations the user might perform, which was confusing.
  • NEW: When right clicking a result, there is a new menu option "Add to New Plot" when appropriate. This creates a new plot and sends the result(s) there in one step.  When a plot is created in this way, the title of the plot is that of the first result sent to it (for example, "Modified Exponential").  The "Add to Plot" option in the menu has been renamed to "Add to Current Plot" also.
  • NEW: Expand/Collapse buttons added in the Nonlinear Regression selection dialog, so that it is easier to select just a couple of families from the library.
  • NEW: Better robustness for 15 of the nonlinear regression models, so that the initial guess mechanism may be able to survive a zero in the x or y columns of the dataset.
  • RESOLVED: If the residual history had a NaN, the Convergence tab would not appear properly (with a small white box) in the result details dialog.  Fixed.
  • RESOLVED: in some situations, obviously failed models were showing with a status of OK.  Fixed.