CurveExpert Professional 1.2.0 helps you focus on results.

CurveExpert Professional 1.2.0 helps you focus on results.

Version 1.2.0 of CurveExpert Professional has been released, and the main feature additions are 1) providing much more information about a computed result to the user, 2) tools to compare two regressions, and 3) graphing speed improvements. Read more after the break...

(note that this article only discusses the changes between 1.1.1 and 1.2.0. For a more in-depth look at CurveExpertPro, see What is CurveExpert Professional. ‎)

In this release, the computation of confidence and prediction bounds for regression has been added; an example of these bands can be seen below, and the specific manner of display is configurable by the user.  Also, a compare function for regression has been added, which includes F-Tests and Akaike's Information Criterion (AIC) test.  The presentation of the results has been changed from a spreadsheet-like interface to a beautifully-formatted report, which can be configured to display floating point numbers in your preferred format.  This report can be printed directly, or can be exported to HTML.  A runs test is available in the residuals display.

Also, in the graphing arena, there have been many speed improvements such that the overall experience is much more responsive.  Hotkeys have been added for faster access to graphing features.

Enhancements throughout the results window facilitate better understanding of the result computed by CurveExpert Professional.  The changelog follows the illustrative figures below.

Confidence and prediction bands
New style of result report.
Enhanced residual report with runs test.
Comparing two regressions with an F-test and AIC test.

The official change log from 1.1.1 to 1.2.0 is below:

  • ADDED:  Computation and display of confidence and prediction bounds for regressions (currently supported for 2D only)
  • ADDED: A compare function for regressions, which includes an F-Test and an AICC test, for determining which fit of two is better.  Access by right-clicking a result in the Results Pane.
  • ADDED:  Results details (in Results Window) is now a formatted, printable report.
  • ADDED: hotkeys for graph functionality (pan, zoom, home, forward, previous, save, copy, 1-9, shift 1-9)
  • ADDED: runs test for the residual of a function or regression (see residual tab in Results Window)
  • ADDED: regression line for the residuals to determine their trend (see residual tab in Results Window)
  • ADDED: "normal" formatting for the spreadsheet numbers (in addition to fixed point and scientific)
  • ADDED/CHANGED: File|Print and File|Print Preview now print the data table (contents of the spreadsheet), not the set of graphs.  To print the set of graphs, hold SHIFT while selecting File|Print or File|Print Preview.
  • ADDED: Linux desktop integration for Gnome; partial support for KDE.
  • CHANGED: live evaluator in the Results Window is now an order of magnitude more responsive, and includes crosshairs.
  • CHANGED: added glyphs to all of the analyze subdialogs in the Results Window, so that what is being calculated is also graphically displayed.
  • CHANGED: performance of the graph preview pane has been increased by an order of magnitude
  • CHANGED: overall graph performance has been increased by an order of magnitude, when pointing at various curves or data points.
  • CHANGED: in OSX, the hideable toolbar feature has been removed in favor of a more OSX-native fixed toolbar.
  • CHANGED: in Linux, the performance of the graph locator (that tracks mouse location) has been greatly enhanced.
  • CHANGED: Under linux, added border around splash screen for better appearance.
  • CHANGED: Info bar now used to show error and/or information messages in the graph properties dialog and the custom model/function dialog.
  • RESOLVED:  Graph in the Themes Manager did not resize properly if the window was resized.  Fixed.
  • RESOLVED: if pasting > 100 points, the spreadsheet did not expand so that all points were displayed.  Fixed.
  • RESOLVED: In Linux Mint Debian, the help file would not open.  Fixed.
  • RESOLVED: if a results windows was obtained by right-clicking a curve in a plot, further right clicking in the plots in the results windows did not work.  Fixed.
  • RESOLVED: In OSX, the sizing of the User Model dialog was incorrect.  Fixed.
  • RESOLVED: in OSX, in the User Model dialog, the positioning of the informational popup when a file is saved was incorrect.  Fixed.
  • RESOLVED: sizing of new user model dialog is not correct under OSX.  Fixed.
  • RESOLVED: dialog background wrong in series panel, graph properties dialog.  Fixed.
  • RESOLVED: pressing plot or zoom should untoggle the other when clicked.  Fixed.
  • RESOLVED: too much text written to console under Linux.  All text suppressed.
  • RESOLVED: table grid in result details window was not sized correctly under Linux.  Fixed.
  • RESOLVED: if erroneous input in file dialog, error messages were displayed twice.  Fixed.
  • RESOLVED: Corrected alignment of the evaluation controls under Linux.
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