GraphExpert Professional released

GraphExpert Professional released

Hyams Development is pleased and excited to announce the newest product in the lineup: GraphExpert Professional!  Download the software today and try it out; we think you will be pleased with how quickly you can move from raw data to publication-quality graph.  GraphExpert Pro has quite a few data analysis tools built in also, so that you can transform your data from raw to usable form.

GraphExpert Pro is a cross-platform solution for publication-quality graphing of both discrete data and continuous functions. XY plots, bar charts, polar plots, scatterplots, contour plots, and 3D scatter/surface plots are supported (see the gallery). Also, graphs can be annotated with a variety of drawing tools such that annotations, arrows, and images can quickly and easily be added to the plot.

GraphExpert Pro takes a unique approach in managing the multiple datasets and functions. Datasets may be derived from other datasets in a multitude of ways (extraction, transformations, histogramming, etc.), and a parent/child relationship is always maintained. This means that you can concentrate on the required operations to process your raw data into a usable form, and if the raw data changes for any reason, all of the operations update automatically. Further, any datasets that are already on a graph update automatically. This means less time performing repetitive work, and more time for the real task at hand.

You can read more about what GraphExpert Pro can do, or just see some examples in the gallery.

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